4 Ways to Delight Your Best Customers With VIP Rewards

The cultivation of customer loyalty is one of the most important things for businesses in this day and age. People are constantly presented with new chances and offers. New services are popping up every day. While this has become empowering for customers, it has made retaining customers much more difficult for many businesses, especially in the restaurant and delivery sector.

However, that doesn’t mean it has to be impossible. Things like loyalty programs and luxury VIP rewards can be extremely efficient in helping you maintain a steady clientele and keep them engaged. Cultivate loyal clients with these VIP rewards programs!

Have a CRM System

Having a CRM system will allow you to segment your client base based on certain actions and will also help improve customer satisfaction. You could automatically enroll them for rewards after a certain number of orders, a specific order value, or the value of the customer over a lifetime. Order value can be used as a main criterion if you’re selling luxury items, for instance. Being able to identify your most important clients will allow you to market to them differently.

Alternatively, you can always go for your classic loyalty program where people can enroll whenever they want. This will allow you to keep direct contact with them and notify them if you need to make any type of announcement.

Give them Exclusive Access

You want your VIP members to actually feel special, and there’s no way to make someone feel more special than by giving them early exclusive access to deals or products. You want to give them access to promotions, additional discounts, or let them know of sales before they happen. They will not only appreciate, but chances are they’ll participate if the deal is sweet enough. Creating events for VIP members only is another thing that could work.

Another tip, if you want to make some real impact, send your VIP members text messages, not emails. Those are much more personal than emails, and people are more likely to read and act on them.

Notify them of New Products, Vendors, or Features

You also want to give them inside information on new features that you may be adding, or new vendors getting on your platform. This could also be a good time to give your VIP members a special discount specifically for this vendor.

Use a Tier System

Another thing you could do is add a VIP system into your VIP system by giving rewards based on rank. Allow them to gather points and make the rewards worthwhile as well. Doing this will encourage them to spend on deliveries and will significantly increase loyalty as well. You want to make the tier system as simple as possible as well, and make it accessible to all your customers, not big spenders only. VIP rewards can be one of the most powerful ways to keep customers coming back and spending without too much effort, time, and money. If your service does not have one already, we strongly suggest you consider building one starting today.

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