Pros & Cons of Online Grocery Delivery

Online grocery deliveries are now more popular than ever, and changing customer habits are one of the main reasons for that. You can now expect most grocery stores, big and small, to start unrolling their own services.

Do your groceries in an instant! Order online and let us deliver! is a common tagline.

More delivery services are also specifying in groceries and allow customers to get items from a variety of different stores. However, while grocery delivery is great, it is still not perfect, and there are things that could be done better. Still, it could be a great option for a certain category of buyer. Here are some of the pros and cons of online grocery delivery.

Pro – It’s Easy and Convenient

The biggest benefit of online grocery shopping is the convenience it offers. You can place orders at whatever time you wish, not only on store hours. You can have the items delivered at the time that is the most convenient for you. You also don’t have to worry about forgetting some items on your list since you can double and triple check your orders to make sure that everything’s there.

Con – You Don’t Get to Pick

A big part of the grocery shopping experience is being able to check out produce yourself. Let’s face it, not everyone’s the best at picking fruits and vegetables, and bad produce can be a huge disappointment, not to mention a waste of money. While many online shopping services try to do their best to make sure you get quality, you’ll never be able to have the same control.

Pro – Loyalty and VIP Programs

Most grocery stores these days have some sort of loyalty programs. But what’s even better is being able to get VIP rewards no matter where you shop. You don’t have to stick to luxury items either. Everyday purchases will allow you to move up in rank and get access to exclusive deals either from specific vendors, or the whole network.

Con – The Fees

Just like any delivery service, there will be some fees when you buy your groceries online. It will usually be a fixed fee. This becomes an issue if you like to make small grocery orders.

If your orders are smaller on average, then this fee will take up a much larger portion of your total order. This is something you’ll have to consider before you use these services. In any case, doing your grocery shopping online every week will reflect on our monthly budget.

Pro – It Limit Impulse Buying

Grocery stores have become experts at making us spend more than they want to buy, and they do it through product placement. However, with online shopping, it’s much easier to stick to your list. You can even have a saved order that you can go to whenever you need to stock up. As you can see, online grocery delivery services have tons to offer and are a great option if you’re busy and want to be able to grocery shop from wherever you are at the touch of a button.

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